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Herdwick Sheep at Crookabeck Farm Home
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Buy Herdwick Throws, Rugs and Dog Leads

Our herdwick sheep provide the fleece for our herdwick rugs/throws.  The light grey wool is from the ewes and the dark grey wool is the first fleece shorn from our hogs or young sheep. The two natural shades are then spun separately into 100% herdwick yarn.  This yarn was then woven on an old Dobcross loom into original rugs/throws by David McDowell at Farfield Mill, Sedbergh, Cumbria.

Our new throws and travel rugs are now available to buy, various sizes. All woven with 100% British Herdwick wool. Priced between £85 and £125 each plus postage. We also sell Herdwick wool dog leads and key fobs.

Please click the relevant buttons below for more details and to order the relevant product. If you have any questions then please just call us using the “contact us” button.

A lovely new design using light and dark grey wool from our Herdwick Sheep. |The rugs are available to buy in either a stripe or check design. Size approx. 140cm X 210cm.

Buy Herdwick Wool Waffle Weave Throws

Colourful Herdwick Travel Rug woven in Lakeland colours, Heather, bracken, mossy green and lake blue on a natural grey background.Size 140cm x 117cm.

Strong Dog leads made from tough Herdwick wool. Slip or clip leads with a trigger hook. The 9mm rope (£13.50) is suitable for small and medium sized dogs and the 12mm rope (£15.50)  for a larger dog.

Buy Herdwick Wool Dog Leads

£ 110.00

Herdwick  Waffle Weave Throw

Colourful Herdwick Travel Rug

£ 90.00

£ 15.00

Herdwick Dog Leads



Our woven Herringbone throws are a beautiful design aiming to combine the traditional quality of herdwick fleece with contemporary design. They show the natural colours of the herdwick wool with lakeland colours in a few stripes of dyed herdwick wool. Size 134cm x 204cm

Buy Helvellyn Herdwick Throw

Helvellyn Herdwick Throw with Lakeland Colours

£ 120.00

£ 10.00

Herdwick Wool Monkey Fist Key Fobs



Herdwick Wool Monkey Fist Key Fobs

Shaded Herdwick Mossy Green Travel Rug in subtle green and blue colours on a natural grey background.

Size 140cm x 128cm.

Shaded Herdwick Mossy Green Travel Rug

£ 90.00

Made using light and dark grey wool from our Herdwick Sheep. The knee trugs are available in check or stripe. Size approx. 140cm X 160cm.

Buy Herdwick Waffle Weave Knee Rugs

Herdwick Waffle Weave Knee Rugs

£ 85.00

Colourful Herdwick Small Throw/Knee Rug Shaded Herdwick Small Throw/Knee Rug

Our lovely new design using natural herdwick shades combined with lakeland colours. This throw has a cosy warm feel, just right to snuggle up with. Size approx. 137cm X 197cm

Crookabeck Herdwick Throw with Lakeland Colours

Crookabeck Herdwick Throw with Lakeland Colours

£ 125.00

We operate a Secure Online Purchase for all our products and have been verified by Worldpay.  please allow up to 14 days for delivery. If you’d prefer to order by phone then we accept credit cards - please call 017684 82742 (+44 17684 82742 from outside UK) or click the phone button below.

Overseas Postage £20.00

UK Postage £5.00

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