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Herdwick Sheep at Crookabeck Farm Home
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Buy Herdwick Wool from Crookabeck Farm

Herdwick knitting wool is available in two natural grey colours - light and dark. The 100g balls are Aran Weight. Crookabeck Herdwick hog wool is the first dark fleece. We also have Herdwick and Mohair Blend Wool sold in 100g hanks, Aran weight, also Herdwick Weaving Yarn on a Cone, our unique Red Fox Sheep Wool.

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100% Herdwick wool in light natural colour. 100g hanks. Aran weight. Approx 154 yards.

Overseas Postage £20.00

UK Postage £5.00

£ 12.50

Herdwick Wool 100g

Light Herdwick and Mohair Blend Wool, 50% Herdwick Wool and 50% Mohair. Sold in 100g Hanks. Aran Weight

Buy Herdwick Light Herdwick and Mohair Blend Wool

£ 12.50

Light Herdwick and Mohair Blend 100g

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Rare Red Fox Sheep Wool. Aran.  Unique yarn. Spun from the only Red Fox Sheep in the UK. A lustrous creamy coloured yarn with red flecks. 100g balls. £15 per 100g. Yardage 150 yds per 100 gms.

Buy Red Fox Sheep Wool

£ 15.00

Red Fox Sheep Wool

Approx 500g cones, Colours - Light herdwick, Dark herdwick. Yardage, Aprox 1,850m per 500g cone. 7 Yorkshire Skeins Weight.

Herdwick Weaving Yarn on Cone

£ 25.00

Herdwick Weaving Yarn on Cone

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Home produced mohair. 100g balls. Lustrous smooth spun yarn. £14 per 100g. Approx 174 yards/160m.

Buy Mohair Double Knit Wool

£ 14.00

Mohair - Double Knit

Herdwick Mug

100% Herdwick hog wool, first fleece from our young sheep, dark, natural colour. 100g balls, Aran weight.

Buy Herdwick hog wool

£ 12.50

Herdwick Hog Wool - Aran

Buy Herdwick Wool Online

Herdwick wool in light natural colour - 100g balls. Aran weight. Approx 163 yards or 150 mtrs.

£ 12.50

Light Herdwick Knitting Wool 100g

Buy Herdwick Wool Online

Herdwick wool, worsted spun. Double knitting. 100g Donut balls. Double knitting herdwick wool in 3 natural colours - light (on left), dark (behind) or marl (on right)

Double Knitting Herdwick Wool

£ 12.50

Double Knitting Herdwick Wool, 100g

Kit contains: Easy Lace Scarf Pattern, 100g Crookabeck worsted DK Herdwick Wool. Choice of 3 natural shades- light, dark or marl. Packed in a presentation bag. Size of finished scarf approx. 23cm X 130cm. 1 pair 4.5mm needles required. PLEASE NOTE NEEDLES NOT INCLUDED.

£ 20.00

Herdwick Easy Lace Scarf Kit

Herdwick Easy Lace Scarf Kit

Approx 500g cones. Dyed in Lakeland colours - Heather, Lake Blue, Bracken and Mossy Green. 7 Yorkshire Skeins Weight

£ 35.00

Coloured Herdwick weaving yarn on cone

Coloured Herdwick weaving yarn on cone