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Herdwick Sheep

About Crookabeck Herdwick sheep

Cumbria is the home of the attractive and hardy Herdwick Sheep. Herdwick Sheep are great characters with white faces and legs. The most widely known breeder of Herdwicks was Beatrix Potter, the children’s story writer, who left several farms and their flocks of Herdwicks to the National Trust When she died.

The lambs are born black. The adult sheep provide a stunning range of natural fleece colours from black through to silver grey. The wool is 100% natural. Every year a sheep grows a new fleece, making it a renewable fibre source. Herdwicks are slow grown and produce top quality meat with a superior flavour.

Unfortunately, many Herdwicks were culled in 2001 due to Foot and Mouth Disease, particularly young stock. Luckily, Crookabeck Herdwicks survived. Click here to buy our Herdwick Wool, Herdwick Rugs, and Dog Leads.

About our Herdwick Sheep Herdwick Sheep for Sale Herdwick Sheep for Sale Buy Herdwick Rugs and Dog Leads Shop Online Shop Online Stuck in the middle of Ewe Herdwick Fleeces make excellent linings for Hanging baskets Herdwick Sheep Herdwick Lambs