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Our herd of Angora Goats are bred from Texan and South African stock, and Mary has been breeding them since they were first introduced to Crookabeck in 1988. The Stud Champion male, Nantucket, has won Championships at major shows. Zanzibar, the founder member of the group, flew from Canada to London Heathrow in 1991 and bred kids for many years.  The goats are a useful addition to the farm as they are very efficient at eating weeds such as docks and thistles.

Angoras have a docile temperament and the goats at Crookabeck are handled regularly. Visitors can see and feed the goats. The goats are clipped twice a year for their beautiful soft mohair. The mohair grows approximately 1" per month and a large doe will produce 6-8 kilos of fibre per year. About 30% of the weight of fleece is lost as grease and dirt during the scouring process which is necessary before the mohair can be combed and spun.

The young goats produce the finest fleeces which are spun, knitted and dyed into warm, soft, comfortable socks.  

The yarn dyes to brilliant colours!  Mohair, being 30% warmer than lambswool and 30% stronger than wool is one of the world's most luxurious fibres. It is soft and light to wear, yet very hard wearing and is fire retardant. Click to see our range of mohair products, including socks, and scarves.

New born Angora Goat twins Feeding the goats Herdwick Sheep Buy Mohair Socks Angora Kids visit the Mohair Shop Angora Goats at Crookabeck Farm