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Photos of Our Herdwick Rugs

Our herdwick sheep provide the fleece for our herdwick rugs/throws. The light grey wool is from the ewes and the dark grey wool is the first fleece shorn from our hogs or young sheep. The two natural shades are then spun separately into 100% herdwick yarn.  This yarn was then woven on an old Dobcross loom into original rugs/throws by David McDowell at Farfield Mill, Sedbergh, Cumbria.  The rugs are available to buy in either a stripe or a check design. We also sell Waffle Weave Throws and colourful travel rugs woven in lakeland colours. To order please click on our main Herdwick Rugs Page. You can also order the Herdwick wool featured in some of these photos on our Herdwick Wool Page.

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