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Red Fox Sheep - Coburg Fox Sheep - Coburger Fuchsshaf

Red fox sheep are a hill breed and originate in Bavaria.  They are gaining popularity in the UK.

The lambs are red all over when born, then at 6-12 months their wool turns a cream colour with red flecks - known as the Golden Fleece. Fibre artists love to spin and felt this interesting wool with a fibre diameter of 33-36 microns. A ewe grows 3-4 kg of wool each year. The head and legs remain red and free from wool, the ears are broad and long. The head has a slight roman nose profile. Both sexes are polled (hornless).

We have this unique wool spun from our own friendly sheep as Aran weight knitting yarn. Fleeces are available to buy after shearing in July - please enquire.

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